Industrial plasma engineering



Industrial plasma engineering

J. Reece Roth

Institute of Physics Pub., c1995-2001

  • v. 1 : Principles
  • : pbk. : v.1 : Principles

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v. 1 : Principles ISBN 9780750303170


This book will provide the necessary theoretical background and a description of plasma-related devices and processes that are used industrially for physicists and engineers. It is a self-contained introduction to the principles of plasma engineering with comprehensive references. This volume also includes the terminology, jargon and acronyms used in the field of industrial plasma engineering - indexed when they first appear in the text - along with their definitions and a discussion of their meaning. It is aimed at assisting the student in learning key terminology and concepts, and providing the in-service engineer or scientist with a technical glossary. An extensive index and appendices enhance the value of this book as a key reference source. These incorporate a list of the nomenclature used in mathematical expressions in the text, physical constants, and often-used plasma formulae. SI units are used throughout. Intended for students from all engineering and physical science disciplines, and as a reference source by in-service engineers. Coverage: * basic information on plasma physics and the physical processes important in industrial plasmas * sources of ion and electron beams and ionizing radiation used in industrial applications * physics and technology of DC and RF electrical discharges.


Introduction. Kinetic theory of gases. Motion of charges in electric and magnetic fields. Characteristics of plasma. Electron sources and beams. Ion sources and beams. Ionizing radiation sources. Dark electrical discharges in gases. DC electrical glow discharges in gases. DC electrical arc discharges in gases. Inductive RF electrical discharges in gases. Capacitive RF electrical discharges in gases. Microwave electrical discharges in gases. Appendices.

: pbk. : v.1 : Principles ISBN 9780750303187


Provides both the necessary theoretical background for an understanding of the field, and a description of plasma-related devices and processes which are used industrially. It aims to provide both students and professional engineers with a definition of key concepts and a technical glossary.

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