P-adic aspects of modular forms


    • Balasubramanyam, Baskar


P-adic aspects of modular forms

editors, Baskar Balasubramanyam ... [et al.]

World Scientific, c2016

  • : hardcover

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The aim of this book is to give a systematic exposition of results in some important cases where p-adic families and p-adic L-functions are studied. We first look at p-adic families in the following cases: general linear groups, symplectic groups and definite unitary groups. We also look at applications of this theory to modularity lifting problems. We finally consider p-adic L-functions for GL(2), the p-adic adjoint L-functions and some cases of higher GL(n).


  • An Overview of Serre's p-Adic Modular Forms (Miljan Brakocevic and R Sujatha)
  • p-Adic Families of Ordinary Siegel Cusp Forms (Jacques Tilouine)
  • Ordinary Families on Definite Unitary Groups (Baskar Balasubramanyam and Dipramit Majumdar)
  • Modularity Lifting Theorems for Ordinary Galois Representations (David Geraghty)
  • p-Adic L-Functions for GL(2) (Mladen Dimitrov)
  • Arithmetic of Adjoint L-Values (Haruzo Hida)
  • p-Adic L-Functions for GL(n) (Debargha Banerjee and A Raghuram)
  • Non-Triviality of Generalised Heegner Cycles Over Anticyclotomic Towers: A Survey (Ashay Burungale)
  • The Euler System of Heegner Points and p-Adic L-Functions (Ming-Lun Hsieh)
  • Non-Commutative q-Expansions (Mahesh Kakde)

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